Totally redesign your training at home or at the studio! SAMI Distance Training allows anyone to train under professional guidance at any place and any time.


SAMI Distance Training is your own online training-studio. Our unique performance enhancing concept for self-defense, martial arts, and fitness is your first step towards a better future. You can have your training wherever you want and whenever you want. Whether you want to learn new ideas and drills, or just revise techniques; you will always be up-to-date. 


  • New Security Krav Maga – the book out now


    For the first time, the book provides a distinctive overview of the most important basics, techniques, teamwork and the use of pepper spray in Security Krav Maga. 250 color photos on 132 pages present the reader a number of practical applications, attackin...


  • AKMA members


    Membership of AKMA, S.D.S.-Concept International or TCS International offers a number of advantages. You may use SAMI Distance Training (Standard) free of charge, take official exams at Basic levels, advanced levels and instructors' levels free of char...