Raphael Vögtli

SAMICS Training Center Brugg-Windisch / Krav Maga Windisch / Fitnesscenter Windisch
Hauserstrasse 67
5210 Windisch

Tel: 0041564423130
Homepage: http://www.kravmaga-windisch.ch
Email: kravmagawindisch@gmail.com


  • Krav Maga Concept (Advanced Instructor 3)
  • Panantukan Concept (Basic Instructor)
  • Axe & Tomahawk Fighting Concept (Basic Instructor)
  • Expandable Baton Concept (Multiplier Module 1)
  • Knife Fighting Concept (Basic Instructor)
  • Stick Fighting Concept (Representative)
  • S.D.S.-Concept (Study Group Leader)
  • Kapap Concept (Basic Instructor)


Raphi startet Karate Lessions with only 7 years old at Karate Do Brugg in Switzerland. Unfortunately, after 2 years the Karate career was already over, because his Vater changed the job and there was no opportunity to join lessons.

After a break of 18years in 2006 he startet again with Karate and at the same time also with Krav Maga. After almost 4 years of Karate he joined Taekwondo for 2 years.

In 2015 he came first in Contact with SAMI Combat System and did his first two Knife Seminars in Vienna. He fell in love with the SAMICS and started in Winter 2016 with Panantukan Concept and in May with Tomahawk Fighting Concept. He is really enthusiastic with SAMI Combat Systems and felt the progress to get better, which he missed in his old organisation. Because of that SAMICS became an addiction. In 2016 he went 5times to Vienna and in 2017 11times. Not to mention the Seminars in Zürich, Graz, Geneva and London.

In 2016 he sucessfully passed the Krav Maga Advanced Instruktor Exam in his "old" organisation. And in spring 2017 the whole Krav Maga Windisch changed to SAMI. At this time Raphael became the Head of Sami Brugg Windisch.

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