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We offer self-defense courses, workshops, weekend seminars, training camps, courses for women's self-defense, courses for kids, holiday camps, Security seminars and instructors' education.

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S.A.M.I. Self Defense and Martial Arts Institute
Frömmlgasse 31
A-1210 Wien

Tel. 0664/532 18 54

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Hosting a Seminar

You are interested in hosting a seminar with one or more of Peter Weckauf´s fighting styles? It is easy. Just contact us and let us know what your needs are!

We offer seminars in the following stiles:

Let us know where you would like to host the seminar, course or workshop and how many participants you expect. Tell us whether they are at the beginner level, advanced students or instructors at your school. Inform us about the aim of the seminar and the envisaged timeframe.