General terms and conditions of use


1. Content of the offer online

The author cannot be held responsible for timeliness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the provided information. Claims against the author due to material or moral damage which may be caused by the use or the non-use of the provided information or by the use of damaged or incomplete information are void, if the author has not acted negligently.
All offers are free and non-binding. The author claims the right to change or adapt parts of pages or the complete offer without prior notice, as well as the right to adapt, delete or temporarily or permanently shut down the website.

2. References and links

n connection with direct or indirect references to external websites (hyperlinks) for which the author is not responsible, the author may only be held responsible, if he has knowledge of the content or it may be technically possible and reasonable for him to avoid the use of illegal content. The author hereby declares that at the time of setting the link there was no illegal content visible on the linked websites. The author has no influence on the current or future design of the linked websites, their content and authorship. The author can therefore not be held responsible for any content which was changed after the time of linking. This is especially valid for all the links on the author's own offer as well as for contribution by third parties in guestbooks, discussion forums, link lists, mailing lists, or other forms of data bases which may be used by third parties. For illegal, wrong or incomplete data and especially for damage which may result from the use or non-use of such data, it is exclusively the provider of the website who is to be held responsible and not the individual who set the link.

3. Copyright

The author takes every effort to respect the copyrights for all used pictures, graphics, sound files and videos and texts, to use pictures, graphics, sound files and videos and texts which he or she devised him- or herself, or to use license-free graphics, sound files and videos and texts.
All brands and trademarks used and mentioned in the online-offer are completely subjected to appropriate and valid copyright and labeling laws of their respective owners. Mentioning does not allow the conclusion that trademarks are not protected by third parties' rights.
Copyrights for any object created by the author will remain with the author. Any reproduction or use of such graphics, sound files, videos and texts in other electronic or printed publications require the author's explicit consent.

4. Privacy Policy

If, within the online offer there is the option of publishing personal or business related data (e-mail, name, address), the user will do so perfectly voluntarily. If technically possible and reasonable, all services may be used without using a user's name or by using a pseudonym. Using personal data (street address, phone number, fax number) from the legal notice is strictly prohibited. The providers of the page reserve the right to take legal action in case of unwanted advertisement, e.g. in spam mails. Legal action against the senders of spam mail will be taken.

5. Validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be considered a part of this Internet offer, which is referred to on this page. If parts or individual formulations of this text should not, no longer or not completely correspond to the valid legal position, the other parts of the document in their content and validity remain untouched.


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