Kapap Concept

First KAPAP CONCEPT Instructor Course in Italy

22.02. -24.02.2019
with Peter Weckauf in Dolo, Venezia, Italy

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Questo è un corso intensivo di 3 giorni in SAMI Kapap Concept per studenti, istruttori e candidati istruttori!

The emphasis in Kapap Concept is training and development of defensive and offensive skills of armed operational forces.

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Start Date: Friday, February 22, 2019 7:00 PM
End Date: Sunday, February 24, 2019 3:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 12:00 AM
Price: 300 EUR
Address: SAMI Academy
Piazza Marzabotto 18 , 30031 Dolo, Venezia
Mail: manente.g@virgilio.it
Phone: +39333 2049596
Homepage: http://www.kapap-concept.com


Training is orientated to armed defense (incl. practical and tactical weapon handling) and defense against armed or unarmed attacks by single or multiple aggressors. This includes unarmed combat, armed combat and practical use of weapons of all descriptions (handgun, rifle, knife, baton, belt, pepper-spray and improvised weapons). Central to the training concept is to achieve control over your attacker and/or situation either alone or in a team.

Our training is built on a modular system. The main focus is based on a trainings program used by judiciary, law enforcement and the military. Instructor certification may be attained on successful completion of the course.
The optimal requirements for this training course are a high rank or multiple year experience in a martial art or combat sport. Proficiency (technical, method, didactic) in these modules provides the basis for instructor training and certification. It is possible to start instructor training at any time. The course is split into proficiency levels.

Course content:

Basics in Kapap Concept
Training methods
Teaching methods
Tactical training for judiciary, military, police, security personnel, armed civilians
Unarmed combat
Armed combat (handgun, rifle, knife, stick/baton, belt, pepper-spray, tonfa, improvised weapons)
Weapon handling
Weapon tactics
Weapon protection
Weapon retention
Weapon defense
Defense with weapons
Armed hostage takers
Struggle for a weapon
Control techniques
Stress and aggression drills
Skill training
Team training
And much more ...

False statements in regard to age or criminal record will result in exclusion from training. The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation at any time without statement of reason.

Friday 19 - 22
Saturday 10 - 18
Sunday 9 - 15 breaks included


Minimum 18 years of age
No criminal record



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