Panantukan Concept

International Intensive Course Panantukan (Students & Instructors)

14.11. -17.11.2019
with Peter Weckauf in Wien, Austria

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Start Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019 10:00 AM
End Date: Sunday, November 17, 2019 2:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 12:00 AM
Price: 350,- / 160,- EUR
Address: SAMI HQ Ausbildungsakademie
Frömmlgasse 31 , 1210 Wien
Phone: +43 664/532 18 54


This is a 4 day or 2 day intensive Course in Panantukan Concept for students, instructors and instructor candidates!

Please let us know, how many days you will train (message box below)!

We offer special training camps to learn Panantukan Concept. Each field has its respective experts! Our instructor training is based on the practical knowledge gained from conducting our long standing courses, seminars and workshops both at home and abroad. The high quality of our training sessions is of the utmost importance. Participants learn how to conduct successful courses, seminars, training camps and continuing education for their students. Highly qualified instructors are in great demand and stand a good chance of leading successful training courses in the future.

The intensive seminars are the core part of our training academy. If you want to become an instructor you will have to take part in an intensive training camp sooner or later. Also, even if you just want to have an intensive training week for your own progress, the training camp is the ideal place to be. The course offers an excellent possibility to train in Panantukan Concept and will be demanding and challenging for every participant.

The program follows a structured curriculum at the highest professional level. The training aims to develop technical skills, tactics, attitude and of course convey the principles and techniques of Panantukan Concept.

Participants do not need to have a background in martial arts or self-defense. The course is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students and instructors. We teach in different levels as required.

The more days of training you attend, the more levels you can pass!

Instructor attendees have the possibility to go through the first instructor level in this 4 day course and instructor certifications will be awarded for those who qualify.

Special additional instructor & instructor candidate training included!

Content depending on the level:
Unlimited Boxing Footwork
Head, Neck, Arm and Leg Destruction
Arm, Leg and Head Manipulation
Elbow and Knee Strikes
Infight Method (IFM)
Energy Drills
Fighting Tactics
Ground Fighting
Street Defense
Speed Hand Drills
Multiple Attackers
Technique Transfer
and more

What to bring: boxing gloves, MMA gloves, shin guards


Please let us know, how many days you will train (message box below)!

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