SAMI international

SAMICS in California. Knife, Axe, & Panatukan Concepts

22.03. -23.03.2019
with Robert Nichols in Costa Mesa, USA (United States of America)

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Start Date: Friday, March 22, 2019 6:00 PM
End Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:30 PM
Registration Deadline: Thursday, March 21, 2019 12:00 AM
Price: Varies-Read description
Address: SAMI UNION @ FitDefense
2214 Newport Blvd , 92627 Costa Mesa
Phone: 9494387333


FIT DEFENSE is honored to host Robert Nichols, owner of SAMI Combat Systems of NJ (SAMI UNION) America’s 1st SAMI certified Academy.

SAMI COMBAT SYSTEM (SAMICS) Is a modular based skill building, coordination improving drills and exercises fighting system. Invented by Peter Weckauf in Vienna, Austria; SAMICS is taught all over the world. Taught to military, special forces, law enforcement, security, and private citizens, SAMI concepts can be broken down into 9 individual and yet complimentary systems.

SAMICS Panantukan Concept- Meaning - Dirty boxing or street boxing. Also known as the "unlimited fighting art" Incorporates boxing and kickboxing concepts with manipulation, locks, trapping, and destruction concepts.

SAMICS- Knife Fighting Concept- Knife concept for personal defense, empty handed techniques, and affective combat techniques. Borrowing from multiple martial arts disciplines. The SAMICS knife concept relies on building muscle memory and automated responses more then set applications.

SAMICS Axe and Tomahawk Fighting Concept - System if combat using short axe, Long axe, and Tomahawk. Taking its roots from Native American and Viking combat techniques, but made modern for battlefield application.

WHAT TO BRING: Training knife, Tomahawk, and sparring/boxing gloves will be needed for their perspective concepts. If you need to purchase these tools please contact FIT DEFENSE and we will set you up.

WHAT TO WEAR: Something your comfortable working out in.

Axe & Tomahawk Fighting Concept-
Friday March 22 6pm to 8pm

Panatukan Concept-
Saturday March 23 1230pm to 230pm

Knife Fighting Concept-
Saturday March 23 3pm to 5pm

Pricing- Register before Feb 22 for best pricing!

Register for 1 seminar- $30
2 seminars- $50
3 seminars- $75

Register after Feb 22
1 seminar- $40
2 seminars-$60
3 seminars-$100

No refunds will be issued after March 1st
Space is limited

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Fitdedense Martial Arts-

Robert Nichols and SAMI Combat Systems of NJ

Peter Weckauf and SAMI International

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