Axe & Tomahawk Fighting Concept

Tomahawk intensive course (Beginner, Students, Instructors all Levels)

11.11. -14.11.2021
with Peter Weckauf in Vienna, Austria

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Start Date: Thursday, November 11, 2021 10:00 AM
End Date: Sunday, November 14, 2021 2:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Thursday, November 4, 2021 11:45 PM
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440 EUR
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Address: SAMI HQ Ausbildungsakademie
Frömmlgasse 31 , 1210 Vienna
Phone: 004366453321854


The Indian Tomahawk – used with one or both hands – is one of the oldest weapons known to mankind, but finding training and teaching venues for this very special weapon is still demanding. Tomahawk & Axe Fighting Concept is an elaborate close combat system focusing on tomahawk and axe. What makes this unique martial art so attractive are its clear concepts, structures and training programs as well as its elaborate training methods.

When we devised this highly effective martial arts weapon system we considered its principles, characteristics, special ways of handling, and, of course, its strengths and weaknesses. And - Tomahawk & Axe Fighting Concept provides the opportunity to reach a high level in handling this weapon.

Instructor Training:
There are experts for everything! It is our aim to reach out for all those who want to learn to use this weapon. High quality education is key!

Tomahawk & Axe Fighting Concept and other Systems:
Tomahawk & Axe Fighting Concept is not opposed to other systems. It will rather enrich and supplement your system at your own school and will surely attract new customers.

Contents of the Training:
First level Instructors will teach basic training to beginners. Beginners will learn the basic elements of Tomahawk & Axe Fighting Concept, laying a solid foundation for higher level training sessions.

Programs include:

- Theory
- Various grips and applications
- Distance and reach
- Carry
- Stance
- Cut and hit patterns (various angles and techniques)
- Positioning
- Footwork
- Targets
- Applications – hit, cut, slash, pull, push, lock, stab, hook
- Combinations
- Checking hand
- Body manipulation
- Trapping
- Release
- Disarming – concepts and applications
- Defense and counter attack
- Create openings
- Control fighting programs (energy drills, attacking flow)
- Combat drills
- Knife and tomahawk
- Double Tomahawk
- Preparation of training plans
- Preparation of training cycles
- And many more

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